Review of The Other Side of Hope (R.F. Dunham)

8 STARS (out of 10) What a stunning story. It may have taken a few chapters to be sucked into the characters and their lives but as soon as you are…. I have just finished this book and have got the post book blues. Despite reading it throughout the exam season I often found myself thinking of the characters and their stories just wishing I could return to the book.

It brings out the most core strand of humanity, conflict. Conflict is everywhere you look from World wars to football hooligans to family arguments. This book draws on these issues and pulls them together making you think through every conflict you know. Through Ethan and Hamid we follow the two different aspects of a cause and both the consequences and causes of individual actions. By the end you are sat questioning what others may think about what is happening and the impact of war. I just cannot overstate enough how this one specific story makes you question all others.

As a history student this story is very powerful and I think is important when looking back upon both past and current conflicts. It is a story which I think large swathes of the population need to read. It is especially interesting as Dunham changes one core tenet of history and uses it to construct this story which you can see mirrors of today.

Such a beautiful vivid story and definitely worth persevering through the start. The last 150 pages just flew by and led to a chat with my flatmate about the ending (not to spoil anything but wow). Definitely worth every page.


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